ST200 Fuel Management

The ST200 Fuel Management is a WEB BASED PLATFORM designed to help you capture and store your fuel dispensing from a centralised management platform that is easy to access and use.

ST200 Fuel Management Features

The solution starts with manual input screens for each site and all fleet vehicles

  • Capturing all pump and tank information into the data base
  • Capturing all fleet related information into the data base

ST200 Fuel Management Daily operations

  • From the pre-setup site and fleet information the daily capture sheet is printed
  • The sheet is controlled via a serial number
  • Daily sheets are issued to attendants
  • At the end of the day the sheets are returned to the office and all the relevant information is captured into the web based data base
  • Data captured includes:
      • Pump totalisers
      • Dip readings
      • Bulk fuel deliveries to site
      • Fuel issue transactions to fleet
      • Capture of external transactions at outside refuelling facilities

The control and reporting available

  • List of outstanding transaction sheets not returned to office for capture
  • Daily site reconciliations
  • Vehicle fuel consumption reports
  • Driver fuel consumption reports
As a site uses the manual web based solution and identifies that there are input or operational problems, we can provide fuel pump controllers and Automatic tank gauges that capture certain information automatically either related transactions or bulk storage.

ST200 Fuel Management Target Market

  • Retail service stations
  • Smaller commercial home based stations
Clients that may have opposition solutions, but are not satisfied with the support and reporting from the system can use this option to either migrate to a new technology or alternatively integrate different types of technology through the same reporting platform.

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