Fuel Management Africa

Fuel Management Africa is an international company providing fuel management solutions to commercial bulk fuel users.

Systems installed throughout various parts of the world such as America, Australia, throughout Africa and Pacific Rim countries. Many of these installations are in very remote environments.

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Fuel Farm FMS Underway

Fuel Management Africa will soon be installing the FMS into a multi tank fuel farm in Armenia. Manufacture and preparations are underway and shipping dates soon arriving. All is on track and our Technicians are excited to be back in Armenia for our loyal Client base. 

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Gas In Mozambique

gas-rich Rovuma basin

Anadarko has discovered a large new accumulation off the coast of Mozambique. Anadarko Petroleum Corp said it discovered a large new natural gas accumulation in a well in the gas-rich Rovuma basin off the coast of Mozambique.

The African country's gas blocks have become hot property after Anadarko and Italy's Eni made discoveries of about 150 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, enough to supply the world's biggest LNG importer, Japan, for 35 years.

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