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Fuel Management Systems


Control the dispensing of fuel based on:

  • Identifying each vehicle uniquely
  • Predefined rules and limits
  • Record every transaction automatically and post to the website in real time

Automatic Tank & Gauging


With our ATG solutions you have real time visibility of fuel volumes in your tanks and access to:

Control the dispensing of fuel based on:

  • Opening and closing fuel stock levels
  • Deliveries
  • Hi and low level alarms
  • Water levels
  • Leak testing 

Fuel Storage & Dispensing


Our Self Bunded Tanks and other storage options offers:

  • The most advanced storage solutions on the market
  • The highest environmental standards
  • Preventing spillage and wastage of fuel.
  • Ultimate flexibility with expandable capacity
  • Customised dispensing and refuelling requirements needed for a site.

EezyDiesel fuel delivery services


Control the dispensing of fuel based on:

  • Mobile refueling service for vehicles and stationary plant on construction, mining, power plants or other sites that require relatively small volume deliveries.
  • From a hundred liters up to a couple of thousand litres.
  • We use our own fleet for delivery.
  • Transactions are managed via our fuel pump controllers and integrated with GPS data.
  • Transaction information is delivered to you through the website.

Welcome to Fuel Management Africa

Fuel Management Africa is dedicated to assisting all clients to manage their fuel consumption. We provide the tools to managing and bridge the gap between fuel suppliers and fuel consumers and we do this while providing customers with the best value possible. We are devoted to offering the best and most innovative fuel management solutions in the market. Our Fuel management solutions are designed to give clients flexibility and scalability regarding a range of options that can be integrated to achieve the most comprehensive fuel management solutions for different sites and different types of operations. You can begin the fuel management process with a very basic solution and expand it to a very sophisticated fuel management solutions over time. We also offer flexibility in the procurement process by offering you "pay as you use" type solutions.

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Fuel Management Benefits

  • Standardised fuel management procedures accross the organisation & all sites
  • Standardised reporting accross all operations
  • Scalable solutions to meet specific client requirements
  • Comprehansive package of services to meet all your fuel control needs
  • Centralises control and reporting that can improve procurrment; control and management of comsumption
  • Technologies to manage environmental risk
  • Accounting procedures to assist in claiming fuel levies and taxes